Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems

   Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems is a computer-controlled, high volume water & liquid pumping system. Water & liquid can be drawn from the pool through flush-mounted safety grates and returned back to the pool through our flush-mounted outlet moving more than 5,000/ minute. The pool is not included.

  This ultra high volume pump is a tremendously powerful and efficient pump in the industry and is made specifically for Lazy River, Counter Current swimming applications and Whitewater Fun Current.
  No other pump on the market today moves as much water as the Riverflow system. Don’t be fooled by misleading claims by our competitors. The Riverflow pump delivers up to 2400 - 5000 GPM and has the capability of moving many tens of thousands of gallons per minute in the river. The pump is silent and can be located well away from the pool area.

The system is computer-controlled converting residential, single-phase power to three-phase industrial power which drives an extremely efficient commercial electric motor. The Variable Frequency Drive is able to interface with all home automation.

The accelerator nozzle conditions the flow to introduce a powerful, smooth current into the pool. There are no bubbles or high-pressure turbulence as with “swim jets”. The nozzle has a cover plate that can be white or gray to accent your pool. 

Poolside remote controls allow the user to start, stop and infinitely adjust current speed.


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