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Riverflow Homeowner Testimonials

“We built our pool with a Riverflow system in 2008 and are thankful we made the decision to install it.  We enjoy using it for both exercising and relaxation.  Since we have a small pool (16' x 16'), the Riverflow system is the perfect addition for swimming.  It provides more than enough water current for a thorough workout and the speed can be adjusted for light or intense exercise.  When its time to relax, the flow can also be slowed to generate a nice floating experience around the pool.  I would highly recommend the Riverflow system for anyone wanting to get the most from their pool." 
                     - Brooks Stephan

Kimm McEntire Hamilton Post_052217.png

Riverflow Makes Your

Pool Come Alive


"I have had my Riverflow for about 13 years (since 2007). If you are contemplating doing business with these guys, I highly recommend them."

                           - Jim Spradlin


“This was one of the smartest investments I ever made. What looks like a pretty little "dipping pool" to my guests is actually a sophisticated fitness machine that provides

me the most efficient

and fun workout I

could have imagined." 

                     - Brad Johnson

                               Miami, FL

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