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Fully Variable Speed

The Riverflow pump variable speed control system is comprised of the VFD and the controller. The VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) contains all the logic and sophisticated microprocessing pump controls. It also conditions pump power and converts single-phase residential power to three-phase industrial power. Current Systems offers a wireless controller and a stationary wired controller. The wireless controller comes with a waterproof remote. The VFD is able to interface with all home automation.

Wireless Remote Control


VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

The VFD is the brain of the system which allows the user full adjustability of the swim current generated by the pump. Our VFD is working behind the scenes to provide system protection and control. This feature-rich unit provides full-time ground fault protection (GFCI), a Line Reactor for input voltage anomalies, an internal cooling fan and an array of sophisticated power transmission and diagnostic components. The VFD converts single-phase residential power to three-phase industrial power.

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