Winter and Hope Love their Riverflow Pool

Winter the Dolphin and Hope Love Their Riverflow Pool

VENTURA, California – What does an aquarium, a couple of celebrities and a Riverflow Pump built by Current Systems all have in common? For more than the past three years, Riverflow by Current Systems has been working with the talented crew at Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) in Clearwater, Florida in designing, building and implementing water current into Winter the dolphin and Hope’s primary pool, their two-bottlenose dolphins.

Winter was rescued in 2005 after she had become entangled in a crab trap line, which had cut off circulation to her tail flukes. The injuries to her tail were so severe that even after healing; it was unable to be saved. While many dolphins with injuries like Winter’s do not survive, her drive and determination was incredible. She healed completely, adapted to a new swim pattern, and learned to eat fish on her own. 1

Hope was rescued in 2010 with extreme dehydration and was significantly small for her age. Due to the life skills she should have received from her mother, even after making a full recovery, Hope was unable to be released back into the ocean.2

“Our Riverflow Pump was the perfect fit for Clearwater Marine Aquarium.” explained Phil de Tournillon, Vice President of Current Systems, Inc. “Not only do we have an incredible product, but we wanted to align ourselves with an organization that does incredible things.”

With the tales of these two inspirational mammals, Riverflow by Current Systems teamed up with CMA to assist in bringing life to the dolphins’ pool. The power and quality of a Riverflow pump has given the necessary water movement and can create similar motion to the oceanic current. Creating this type of movement recreates the momentum and physical needs for the dolphins simulating their native habitat.

“The Riverflow system has and will continue to be an integral part of Winter’s overall health, allowing her to swim longer distances with her tail on without having to make turns. It allows her to swim as if she was able to be back in the ocean,” said Kelly Martin, Director of Marine Mammals at CMA.

Along with providing the current and water movement for the dolphins, the Riverflow system has additional obstacles. Simulating a seawater environment for the mammals, the Riverflow system maintains its stamina with a much more aggressive salt-water based pool.

“Our system has been built to specific standards needed for Winter and Hope.” Peter Davidson, President of Current Systems, Inc. said. “The work we’re doing here for them, with the aggressive water package, only continues to showcase our Riverflow system. It gives us the ability to create a better living environment for them, while building a stronger system.”

While the water current is supporting their physical health, it is also increasing their recreational time as well. Hope has found that she can blow bubbles into the suction ports located at the bottom on the pool, blow air into them and then race up to the surface to play in the aerated bubbles that have floated to the surface. Humans all know that Riverflow pools are fun; we can now say that dolphins know too.

Riverflow is honored and proud of their involvement with the health and well-being of Winter and Hope and looks forward to maintaining their relationship with CMA for years to come. For more information on Winter, Hope, CMA and Riverflow’s involvement, visit us online at

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