Riverflow Swim Spa Comparison Chart

Judge for yourself, the Riverflow products that power Swim Current Pools, Swim Spas, Lazy Rivers, Swim-in-Place and all types of moving water installations across the globe, represent the best value in their class! Contact us today to find a contractor in your area.

Company Swim spa comparison chart - Badu Jet features Swim spa comparison - SwimEx features Swim spa comparison chart - Endless Pools - Swimming Machine features

The Choice is Clear! Yes, there are other swim current and Lazy river systems available, but in side-by-side comparison, Riverflow emerges above the rest.

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RiverflowPool badujet3 swimex endlesspool_2
High Efficiency High efficiency swim spa feature
Swimability Swimability - swim spa feature
Low Turbulence Low turbulence - swim spa feature
Remote Pump

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You’ve planned the landscape and view of a beautiful water space. Why take away from it with unsightly equipment. The Riverflow system with our remote location capability, keeps your vision in tact.“if the equipment is seen, then that equipment is not an option for our pools. The client wants the experience and not see the equipment”Owner of Claffey Pools of Dallas Texas.
Remote pump flow adjustability - swim spa feature
Adjustable Current Adjustable current - swim spa feature
Quiet Operation

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With the naturally quiet operation of our Riverflow pumps, and the remote locating capability of pump and controls, Riverflow systems are quiet and unobtrusive. And our Trueflow current output grates, diffuse the power of the Riverflow current making for a quiet environment inside the pool as well.
Quiet operation - swim spa feature
All Pool Types & Sizes

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Riverflow products work for all construction types including Concrete, Fiberglass, and Vinyl liner pools. We even integrate with all home automation systems!
Works on all pool sizes, large and small - swim spa feature
Salt Water Compatibility Riverflow is salt water compatible - swim spa feature
5 Year Warranty Riverflow is the only swim spa pump with a 5 year warranty - swim spa feature