Riverflow Swim Current vs. Fastlane vs. Badu Jet vs. Swimex Comparison

Riverflow products power Swim Current Pools, Swim Spas, Lazy Rivers, Swim-in-Place and all types of moving water installations across the globe. Look at the side-by-side comparison of Riverflow vs. Fastlane Endless Pools, Badu Jet and SwimEx for your needs and then contact us now to find a contractor in your area.

Swim spa comparison chart - Endless Pools - Swimming Machine features
FASTLANE by Endless Pools
Swim spa comparison chart - Badu Jet features
Badu SwimJet Systems
by Speck Pumps
Swim spa comparison - SwimEx features
SwimEx Inc.

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RiverflowPool fastlane1 badujet3  SwimEx
 Equipment Location  Away from Pool Area Inside Pool  Outside Pool Intricate to Spa 
5 Year Warranty Riverflow is the only swim spa pump with a 5 year warranty - swim spa feature 2 Year Warranty   1 Year Warranty  1 Year Warranty (Motor)
Salt Water Compatibility Riverflow is salt water compatible - swim spa feature Voids Warranty  Unknown 
Swimability Swimability - swim spa feature High Turbulence 
Fully Adjustable Speed Swimability - swim spa feature Preset Speeds Restart Required  Swimability - swim spa feature
Quiet Operation Quiet operation - swim spa feature No No No