Mimi Hughes Tries a Riverflow System

Mimi Hughes Tries a Riverflow System

For river swimmer Mimi Hughes, taking on a challenge is nothing new. “I like doing open water swims in the lake or in the ocean. I meditate while I swim, that’s my quiet time. That’s how I get through swimming 8 hours at a time.” Hughes said.

Hughes, an accomplished and revered open water swimmer from Tennessee has made open water swimming a part of her life. From swimming the Bering Strait between Alaska to Russia, to conquering the foreboding waters around Alcatraz through the San Francisco Bay to the mainland then tackling the Tennessee River in her quest to raise public awareness about the river’s polluted conditions Hughes is no stranger to a variety of water current and unusual conditions. “I was worried when I was trying out the Riverflow Pump system that I would get bored. But I was wrong, very wrong.”

Within the current of the pool, Hughes found her comfort zone, her swimming rhythm and worked with the current. “I actually like the feel of a water current as opposed to just a swim. For someone like me who loves open water swimming, I didn’t think I’d like the confinement of the pool. But, the Riverflow current gave me the feeling of being in the open water. I truly felt like I was there. ” Hughes explained.

However, Mimi was not the only challenger in the Riverflow try. Tesla Hughes, Mimi’s daughter also has a lengthy list of swimming accolades. A former Michigan State University swimmer and an Olympic trial candidate, Tesla was ranked 27th in the world for the mile freestyle in the early 2000’s.

Now, an established police officer, Tesla continues her training to compete in the World Police and Fire Games, where she has brought home a number of gold medals. “I felt like I was getting a really good workout in. We turned up the current and I could only maintain my speed training for about a minute.” Tesla explained. “ I was completely surprised by the Riverflow system. I’m always judgmental about swim-in-place type of training pools and honestly had my doubts. I was worried it would be a leisure swim and I wouldn’t be able to work on my speed, that wasn’t the case with Riverflow, I was very impressed.” Tesla said. So impressed, she is hoping to put in her own Riverflow system. “My husband and I have already spoken about it, open pool times are difficult and my work schedule is hectic, having a Riverflow system available to me at all times would be ideal.”

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