Novack, Marathon Swimmer Seeks Sponsorship

Novack, Marathon Swimmer Seeks Sponsorship

Meredith Novack, Marathon Swimmer Seeks Sponsorship

VENTURA, California – Riverflow by Current Systems is joining forces with former professional triathlete and marathon swimmer, Meredith Novack on her quest to Swim Around Oahu.  “I met Phil (de Tournillon) and Peter (Davidson) with Riverflow years ago. I had the opportunity to test out a Riverflow system and give them feedback.  I loved it! The Riverflow system gave me a constant, powerful, natural push, which I liked. Plus it was fully adjustable. It was so much fun and they were great people. From there, our relationship was born.”

Meredith Novack Photo Credit: Angel King

Meredith Novack
Photo Credit: Angel King

Novack has been a mainstream name in marathon swimming for years, especially after her 20-mile swim in the Auau Channel between Lanai and Maui went viral. Not only did Novack succeed as the first woman to swim the double, she crushed the Men’s record by forty-four minutes as well has had two tiger sharks cross her path. “The first shark was about twenty yards away, not so close. However, the second one was between my kayaker and our boat. I only had about two hours left in the swim and had stopped for a scheduled water break, but had a feeling to get going. I took off as the boats would catch-up, thankfully the shark was deterred by the Shark Shield® and left. My crew and I take safety very seriously, so we had our plans in place. But, the story went viral and can be found everywhere.”

Meredith Novack Swimming

Meredith Novack testing out a Riverflow Pump System

Novack plans to swim around the entire island of Oahu (around 200 miles) in three weeks – raising one million dollars for charity. On the journey she wants to spotlight various companies and causes while sharing Hawaii’s magnificent natural beauty with the world. This World Record stage swim will garner massive media attention as Novack is considered one of the most recognizable faces in the marathon swimming world and hosts fans in more than forty countries. Novack plans to swim five hours a day during this month long event that will be held in September, 2016.

Running an event like this requires precision planning, coordination and promotion. One hundred local volunteers will join her crew, photographers, videographers, and boat captain in making this the South Pacific’s most exciting adventure come to life. $200,000 in corporate sponsorship is needed. There are so many wonderful opportunities for sponsorship, signage and product placement and giveaways, live tracking and media coverage around the world – it is important to get on board now.

Meredith Novack, Marathon Swimmer

Meredith Novack

To learn more about Meredith Novack and support her in Swim Around Oahu, visit her online at

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