Lazy River

Lazy River Ideas for Your Home or Resort

The Riverflow System can turn any backyard into a private waterpark.

Once only found in aquatic theme parks or high-end resort properties, Lazy Rivers are now finding their way into a growing number of residential properties.

Lazy rivers provide wonderful opportunities for relaxation, fun as well as exercise. Using The Riverflow System to create a steady, energy-efficient flow of water, pools can be designed to create the amazing experience of floating downstream, under waterfalls, past beautiful landscape elements, grottos and sunning areas.

With The Riverflow System coupled with a well-designed pool, you can take a luxurious journey in your own backyard. But make no mistake: Lazy Rivers require careful engineering and design. The proper flow couple jet and intake locations are essential for the success of these elaborate pool systems.

The experts at Current-Systems, the makers of The Riverflow System are always ready to step and work with pool builders and designers to ensure that the homeowner’s investment will result in a lazy river that works properly and will offer years of big-time fun in the comfort of home.