Creative with Swim Spas

Creative with Swim Spas

Get Creative With Swim Spas

We’ll say it: Swim spas are totally underrated.

They offer aquatic exercise on demand, saving precious time traveling to and from the gym. They provide therapy and relaxation — not to mention a lot of fun. And, perhaps most importantly, swim spas are compact enough to fit in almost any backyard or exercise room.

The problem of the swim spa is a problem of imagination. Many customers haven’t seen them at work in the backyard environment and can’t envision what a handsome and useful addition they can be.

But we’re here to help. In the following pages, you’ll find a collection of just some of the ways you can install a swim spa — and do so beautifully. In some cases, the swim spa is a discreet presence, tucked in a corner or blended in with rock features or decking. In other cases, the swim spa is the focal point, adorned with attractive accessories and accents.

You don’t think swim spas can be made attractive? Just take a look at these. Read more at: 

A View of the Mountains

Get Creative With Swim SpasIt’s a large family that lives in this home in Aspen, Colorado, and they needed a multi-use product to meet all their aquatic needs. For them, a swim-spa was the ideal solution. This swim spa was custom-made by NESPA Tiled Spas and features a tumbled quartz mosaic, a Current Systems Riverflow pump, benches for sitting, an automatic Coverstar cover and a slew of jets, including calf and floor foot jets. Not only can the family at this home use the swim spa for various exercises, from walking to strenuous swimming, but they can also turn on the jets and enjoy some hydrotherapy