Residential bodies of water – be they spas, ordinary backyard swimming pools, or luxurious stay-at-home resort pools – equipped with the Riverflow swim-in-place system provide homeowners with a spectrum of dynamic advantages compared to ordinary, static-water environments:

Riverflow challenges and ultimately satisfies swimmers of all levels, from beginners to those seeking vigorous aquatic training, and everyone between. Anyone who turns to the water for exercise can easily workout at their desired level, dramatically increasing stamina, strength and confidence in the water. Riverflow enables homeowners to devote less space to their pools, while dramatically increasing the water’s value in terms of exercise and recreation. (Lap pools require at least 70 feet in length or more for effective exercise; swim-in-place pools require a fraction of that space.)

Also, it’s simple commonsense: smaller bodies of water not only consume less space, they also require lesser amounts of chemicals to maintain superior water quality and ultimately less energy for heating and filtration, ultimately resulting in dramatically reduced expense and effort to maintain. Riverflow enables exercise that is safer and more continuous than traditional pools. Static water requires swimming laps, meaning you reverse directions as you reach each end of the pool. Swim-in-place systems afford continuous swimming without the risk of accidental contact with the pool wall, or the need for flip turns, where many if not most swimming-related injuries occur.